My first attempt at DIY projects

March 20, 2010

Our living room one Saturday afternoon:

I learned about kissing bells from the w@w egroup. Basically, these cute bells will be placed on each table at the reception. So instead of our guests tapping their glasses when they want us to smooch, they just ring the bells. Here are the finished products:

kissing bells!

My fiance asked me if we can have a butterfly release for the wedding. This wasn’t included in my budget and though I wanted to give in to his request, I also wanted to stay within our alloted budget–I mean, we have to prepare for AFTER the wedding right?  Since we both don’t want to spend too much on flowers, I had this idea of using the butterflies for our entourage as well. This is where the idea of butterfly baskets came from–small baskets with a couple of butterflies which will be carried by our bridesmaids instead of bouquets.

used my camera's flash on this shot.

All materials for these projects were bought in Tabora Street in Divisoria.


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  1. […] to w@w, I learned a lot about making our own DIY projects. I actually enjoyed them! The butterfly baskets were something I thought of as an alternative to […]

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