M&H Supplier Ratings (Food: Caterer and Lechon)

May 12, 2010

Caterer:  Hizon’s (food, cake, emcee)

Peso power: Php 700++ per head with lots of freebies

Contact Details:
22 Renowned Lane Sanville
Project 6, Quezon City
925-0107, 925-0103

Hizon’s was the first supplier we booked. Mac and I agreed that we can scrimp on everything else but not the food. Although our first food tasting experience with Hizon’s wasn’t that great, they made an effort to make amends—and since my heart was set on getting them from the start, we booked them.

There were a lot of negative feedbacks about Hizon that time and most of those feedback stemmed from the quick turnover of their AEs. Madalas na biglaang nagre-resign yung mga AEs nila at hindi maayos yung nagiging turnover ng mga clients.  With this in mind, I made it a point that all our transactions with our AE were documented so just in case our AE would suddenly resign, we would be prepared.

Our AE did resign but since I was prepared for it, walang impact sa amin. I was turned over to our wedding planner, Drew Menor. I just love, love, LOVE Drew! He’s the best! He’s so easy to talk to—during our detailing, he would make suggestions about the set up and would be brutally frank if he thinks our ideas wouldn’t work. I put my trust in him and on the day of our wedding, NFP was transformed. Ang ganda ng set up nila! My mom was ecstatic—she saw NFP bare and was far from impressed so when she saw what Hizon’s did to the place, napaakap talaga sya kay Drew!

photo by 5th Door Productions

photo by 5th Door Productions

Our guests were raving about the food even weeks after the wedding. Sobrang sarap at overflowing daw. What’s more is that they had different favorites: yung iba, yung beef yung gusto nila, yung iba yung chicken or yung fish or yung pasta or yung desserts! The waiters were attentive—I especially loved the waiter assigned to me and Mac. Sobrang maasikaso. He was just there every time we needed anything and lagay lang sya ng lagay ng food sa table namin.

photo by 5th Door Productions

photo by 5th Door Productions

We decided not to get a separate cake supplier and opted to get the free wedding cake included in our package. Masarap din naman kasi ang baked good ng Hizon’s. We also didn’t plan to serve the cake anymore since we already had a dessert buffet.

I didn’t like the designs Drew showed me of the cakes. Instead, I showed him a very simple cake design and asked him to have it copied. I wasn’t disappointed. They were able to make the cake exactly like we wanted. A simple three-layered, white fondant cake with blue flowers and ribbons with the words “All you need is love”.

Plus, it was delicious!

photo by 5th Door Productions

photo by Raymond Fortun -- our cake

Drew also assigned a great emcee for us. We told him that we were very particular about this. Cecille did not disappoint–she was very engaging and very smart; not like some of the wedding emcees we’ve encountered who sound like they’re hosting a game show. She also helped us out with the program. Cecille was also very flexible–we had a couple of “surprise” performances during the reception and she took everything in stride.

photo by 5th Door Productions

A couple of weeks after the wedding, I received a phone call from a Hizon’s representative asking me for feedback. It’s nice to know that they’re taking the time to get feedback from clients after their events.

Highly recommended! One of our top suppliers. 🙂

Overall rating: 5+++++++++++++++

Lechon: Sabroso

Peso power: Php 8,500 (60 kg) – gift from my mom

Contact details:
515-8253, 515-8259, 357-0659

Sabroso was recommended by one of Mac’s clients.  Mom wanted to order from Elar’s but we found out that Sabroso had a slightly cheaper price for a whole lechon.  Super dali lang mag-order. I called them three days before the wedding, deposited 50% DP the next day then they delivered the lechon to our reception venue on the day itself (I just paid for a lechon station with Hizon’s).

Hindi nawalan ng tao sa lechon station. I didn’t even get to see the lechon whole—as in dinumog ng tao! Sobrang sarap daw according to our guests. Hindi na daw kailangan ng sauce and sobrang lutong daw nung balat.  Even our guests who didn’t normally like lechon were impressed. Winner talaga!

Actually, Mac loved the lechon so much that we bought some when got back from our honeymoon.  Sabroso fans na ang buong family namin ngayon.

Overall rating: 5+++++


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