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My first attempt at DIY projects

March 20, 2010

Our living room one Saturday afternoon:

I learned about kissing bells from the w@w egroup. Basically, these cute bells will be placed on each table at the reception. So instead of our guests tapping their glasses when they want us to smooch, they just ring the bells. Here are the finished products:

kissing bells!

My fiance asked me if we can have a butterfly release for the wedding. This wasn’t included in my budget and though I wanted to give in to his request, I also wanted to stay within our alloted budget–I mean, we have to prepare for AFTER the wedding right?  Since we both don’t want to spend too much on flowers, I had this idea of using the butterflies for our entourage as well. This is where the idea of butterfly baskets came from–small baskets with a couple of butterflies which will be carried by our bridesmaids instead of bouquets.

used my camera's flash on this shot.

All materials for these projects were bought in Tabora Street in Divisoria.


Doing It Yourself

October 10, 2008

I said it before and I’ll say it again…I never realized until now that planning a wedding can be so tedious.

We laughed about planning our wedding so early (one year and four months too early!).  It’s a good thing we were psyched about planning it because it turns out that weddings are no longer the simple no-fuss events that I imagined. Being the major kuripot that I am, I almost fell off my seat last night when I finally finished laying down our budget. My goodness…magastos talaga!

Joining w@w was a blessing. I’ve been learning a lot and getting great tips from fellow brides. One thing I love is browsing through all the D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) stuff posted by the other brides. I’m a little frustrated that I’m not that good in arts and crafts so cutesy souvenirs are out of the question.

H2b (husband-to-be; that’s w@w lingo for you 🙂 ) and I are in the media industry. Both of us are “seasoned” video editors.  I also used to make budgets for AVP productions so handling logistics and talking to suppliers aren’t new to me (which is why I didn’t get a coordinator). The situation being as it is, these are our planned D.I.Y.s: 

  1. Photo slideshow during reception. I’ll be cheating on this. 🙂 Mac and I are both mac users (yah…I have more than one “mac” in my life) and our apple laptops come with iPhoto which I can use to make slideshows without breaking a sweat.
  2. “His” and “Hers” videos. Original plan was that Mac will make a video about me and I’ll make a video about him. Hopefully we both have time to push through with this.

Another resource we’re looking into is our “connections”. Makapal na kung sa makapal ang mukha. 🙂 I hired a friend of mine to be the photographer for our wedding. I opted to get someone I know, it’s less risky. The package he gave me was good (includes pre-nup, coverage of the event plus a guestbook). I wanted to do the layout of our wedding album myself so we’d just spend on the printing later on.

As for our video coverage, we’ll be “borrowing” two high-end broadcast cameras from friends then we’ll hire two cameramen we know to cover the event. I already asked one of my bridesmaids (a video editor as well) to edit our wedding video. She happily said yes na.

So far, those are our planned D.I.Y.’s. Hopefully we can come up with more in the coming months para mas tipid. 🙂