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something nice

November 8, 2009

I want this:

Something nice to tie my bridal bouquet with. Love it!

from Paloma’s Nest.


Bridal Bouquet Mock-Up

August 5, 2009

My florist (Flowers of May) sent me this picture so I can have an idea how my bouquet will look like:


They will replace the azucena flowers with blue hydrangeas so my bouquet will match our theme.

I know I originally wanted yellow calla lilies but I fell hard for the white white carnations plus I’ve always been a fan of white roses.

Me excited! 🙂


Wedding Fair virgin no more…

June 29, 2009


My fiance and I attended the Philippine Wedding Summit at the PICC Forum yesterday. The bridal fair was organized by Themes & Motifs.

This was not our first wedding fair–we’ve attended around 4 or 5 of these event since we got engaged but we’ve never booked anyone before. We went to the fairs for “research”–we talked to suppliers and got their average rates so we could come up with a realistic budget. Yesterday was the first wedding fair we went to with concrete plans of booking several suppliers. Our targets were suppliers for (1) invitations, (2) flowers, (3) my fiance’s barong suit and (4) edible wedding favors.

After seriously considering several suppliers for our invitations, my fiance and I decided to do the invitations ourselves. We both know how to use photoshop and I love doing lay outs so all we have to worry about is the printing. Both of us don’t want to shell out that much money on invitations alone. Call it frugal but we just don’t find spending over 10 thousand pesos for 200 invitations practical.

We found a florist–Flowers of May. Yes, they’ve had some negative feedback from other brides from w@w but since I’m not really particular about flowers that much, no biggie. I really don’t want to go to Dangwa to haggle with the shops there. I decided on a white bridal bouquet with blue accents: white carnations and white roses with blue hydrangeas. For the mothers and my maid of honor, I asked them to make bouquets of yellow and orange roses. For the bridesmaids, wrist corsages with yellow and orange roses as well. Why the wrist corsage? Because they’re going to be carrying something else during the bridal march…

My fiance has been adamant about having a butterfly release during our wedding (he attended a wedding once where the couple released butterflies during the reception and he just loved it). If it was just me, I really didn’t want to use butterflies because I pity the poor things. We compromised by having the butterfly release outside the church as we make our exit–an alternative to confetti. This way, he still gets his butterfly release and I would be comforted by the fact that the butterflies would still fly away to the “natural” world instead of being stopped by closed doors and windows at our reception venue. The butterflies will be placed in small baskets (which we still need to scout for at Divisoria) and will be carried by our bridesmaids. Double-purpose.

It was probably fate that Acclaim Butterflies was among the suppliers at the bridal fair. We booked them immediately.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, both my fiance and I want edible favors to give away to our guests. We stumbled on the Theobroma booth; it’s a supplier that specializes on Belgian chocolates. We thought that they were expensive and we were pleasantly surprised at their rates. My fiance and I tried their chocolates and we loved them so much that we booked them on the spot. The good thing is that we kept within our budget for the wedding favors plus I wouldn’t need to slave over the packaging.

We didn’t find a supplier for my fiance’s barong. I’m that worried since my fiance already has an idea on how he wants his barong suit to look like. We just need to find someone who will make the barong within our budget.

All in all, it was an experience. It was the first time we booked anyone during an actual wedding fair. The discounts we got were way worth the travel to PICC.


Floral Details are IN for 2010!

May 19, 2009

I like flowers like every other girl. Since I’m going to have a summer wedding, I decided to make flowers a focal point for the event.  I made it a point that my gown will have a distinct floral detail at the back and I’m also looking for simple, floral headbands for my bridesmaids.

I am thrilled that floral details are the “in” thing for 2010. Check out my picks from the 2010 Spring Collection:

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera





Ines di Santo

Ines di Santo

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

All images from


And she had flowers in her hair…

April 2, 2009

I just love floral details. Having a “summer” wedding in a tropical country is a great excuse to include flowers in our theme. I would love to have these hair pieces:



perfect for my "blue summer" wedding

not exactly floral but perfect for my "blue summer" wedding

I’d like to get similar headbands for my bridesmaids. Since their dresses are really simple, I think these floral headbands are the perfect accessories:




Aren’t they just lovely?

*All images grabbed from


First Flowers :)

March 12, 2009

*Long-delayed post.*

I used to say I’m not the typical girl who likes getting flowers. I used to get embarrassed when guys gave me flowers when I was younger–I guess my reaction to flowers spread and I realized later on that suitors gave me food instead of blossoms (which was fine by me).

Talk about karmic justice–I’m engaged to a guy who believes that giving flowers is impractical. In the five years that we’ve been together, he’s never given me flowers (except for that one time I had to twist his arm to buy me a cheap bouquet of mums at the mall. Napilitan lang talaga!). So to say that I was surprised on my last birthday would be an understatement–I was completely shocked when Mac showed up with a bouquet of white roses. It was just so out of character–for someone who doesn’t like surprises, he did a pretty good job.


So here’s proof that I am a typical girl after all. I went ga-ga over flowers and I just couldn’t stop smiling the entire night.

Happy birthday indeed. 🙂


Orange or Yellow?

February 14, 2009

After deciding on our new color palette, I got excited over the additional orange and yellow details. I just love how these colors contrast with blue. We’ve pretty much settled on the shade of blue we want and we’re now playing around with the accents. Yesterday, my maid of honor suggested that I invest on flowers since I now have a “summer” theme. Colorful flowers will look great against the simple, dark blue dresses of my entourage.

I’ve decided long ago that I’m getting calla lillies for the bouquets. It’s now just a matter of choosing which color. The problem is that I can’t decide between orange and yellow flowers! Both contrast beautifully with dark blue. Here are some blue-orange pegs I found on the internet:


Lovely aren’t they?

Yellow flowers also look great against dark blue. Plus it looks more “summery”.


Why not the best of worlds? I might just settle with something like this:


Decisions, decisions, decisions….