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M&H Onsite Photo Slideshow

May 16, 2010

Our onsite photo slideshow made by our friends from 5th Door Productions.

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M&H Supplier Ratings (Photo & Video)

May 12, 2010

Photographer: 5th Door Productions (prenup & event)

Peso Power: Php 18,500 (includes prenup shoot, guestbook)

Contact details: Ricky Paras (0906-5208563)

5th Door Productions is composed of photographers from my department.  They’re the official photographers in most of the special projects shoots in GMA. They dabble in wedding photography from time to time and when we started planning our wedding, Mac and I decided to get them as our photographers.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think I’m the typical “girly” bride. I wasn’t really into the whole “pose-like-a-model” routine and Mac’s the same way. We wanted our pics to be mostly candid, of-the-moment shots.  Mac also wanted photographers he can be comfortable with (he’s really camera-conscious) so the obvious choice was to get photographers we already know.

We enjoyed our prenup shoot so much despite the heat.  Mac and I just loved our photos—we felt that they were able to capture our personalities so well. Sobrang natuwa rin kami sa quality ng guestbook na ginawa nila for us.

from our prenup shoot

photo by 5th Door Productions -- Mac flipping through our guestbook

As for the wedding pics, we’re extremely satisfied.  They even brought along an extra photographer though our contract said they’d just provide two.  We could afford to get more “seasoned” wedding photographers but we opted to get those we were comfortable with.  It was one of the best decisions we made.

For more of their pictures, just click here.

Overall rating: 5++++++++

photo by 5th Door Productions

photo by 5th Door Productions

photo by 5th Door Productions -- with RF and Ricky Paras of 5th Door

Back up Photographer: Raymond Fortun

Peso power: Php 6,000

Contact details: 0917-5065550

We booked RF long before he was named as w@w supplier of the year.  We decided to book another photographer with a different style from our main photographers for variety (since I was going to do the layout for our album, I wanted a lot of choices). RF was actually our second choice.  I wanted to book Redsheep but unfortunately, they weren’t available on our date.

Mac and I were pleased with RF’s shots. Magaling talaga sya. Our guests were also psyched with the idea that he was one of our photographers. Okay syang kausap and he treated us and our families very well. He was also game to have his picture taken with our guests after the reception.

Just one thing though…Mac and I found RF a bit “mayabang”. We sort of had a feeling that he felt that my other suppliers were “amateurs” compared to his experience as a wedding photographer. It was in the way he kept talking about how many weddings he’s been to, etcetera…his note when he posted some of our wedding pics on his multiply site also had me thinking. It also fueled my initial thoughts that he really did think of my other suppliers as “amateurs”. I sent him a message to tell him that I found his note a bit “off”; that Mac and I were a bit offended that he seemed to use our wedding as a warning to other brides about “what not to do”. In fairness to RF, I know that he wrote the comment with good intentions and without malice. It just rubbed me off the wrong way.

Overall rating: 4. He provided great service and I loved the end product.

photo by 5th Door Productions -- my mom and me with RF

Videographer: Ogi Sugatan (RAD Weddings)

Peso power: FREE!!!

For the purpose of these ratings, this particular supplier requested that I use “RAD Weddings” as his company’s name.

Mac and I both work in the media industry and we’re both video editors. Since we do it for a living, we can’t stomach the idea of paying an exorbitant amount of money for our video. At the same time, we didn’t like the output of the videographers within our budget. We agreed that we’ll just hire cameramen and borrow cameras for the coverage since we have the contacts naman. Kami na lang ang mage-edit ng video namin.

Enter Ogi. Ogi Sugatan is an award-winning film director, writer and cinematographer. He’s also a television director for GMA. He’s been our friend for years and when he found out about our wedding, he offered to take care of our video coverage for free. Of course, Mac and I were ecstatic!

The cameras he used for our wedding were high-end, for “broadcast quality”. I don’t want to get all technical here but let me just say that if we shouldered the cost for the camera rentals, we wouldn’t have been able to afford them.

He also made a video for us that was shown during our reception. We had no idea that he arranged to have our families interviewed. It was such a wonderful surprise.

Overall rating: 5+++++ labor of love by friends. You can’t beat that. 🙂 Video editing of our wedding coverage is ongoing.

You can view the video they made for us by clicking here.


Wedding Pictures by 5th Door Productions

May 11, 2010

Photos by our main photographers from 5th Door Productions.

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Loving our guestbook!

April 8, 2010

Got the initial layout for our guestbook from 5th Door Productions. To be honest, we originally didn’t want to have a guestbook for the wedding but when Mac and I saw the pictures from our engagement shoot, we changed our minds.

We had some very minor revisions with the layout (mostly to change which word they should give emphasis on) but all in all, my fiance and I loved how it turned out. Can’t wait to see the hard copy!


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The Engagement Shoot

March 20, 2010

I’ve been a super negligent blogger. Blame it on weekend appointments and facebook games but I always seem to find an excuse not to blog.

Since I’m stuck in Makati waiting for my fiance to wake up from a much needed nap, I decided to make a blog post about our recent engagement shoot.

It was only when we started preparing for our wedding did we find out that there was such a thing as “pre-nup pictorials”. I’m a self-confessed camera whore: I love taking pictures and having my pictures taken. Unfortunately, Mac’s my complete opposite. He gets really uncomfortable in front of the camera. When we looked for photographers, the top priority was that we should be comfortable with our main photographers. This is the main reason why I got colleagues of mine from GMA to take our pictures for the wedding.

My hair and make up was done by the very talented Anne of AnneVida. Too bad she’s not free on my wedding date…

HMUA: Anne of AnneVida

We finally got to schedule the engagement shoot last March 13 at two locations: Jardin de Miramar in Antipolo and Broadcast City. Jardin de Miramar is this events place in Antipolo which is just a perfect location for prenups. It’s composed of several different “venues”; among them its own version of Intramuros or walled city. Broadcast City is this huge compound which contains the studios and offices of RPN-9 and IBC-13. My fiance and I have careers in media so it was a great choice.

Our theme? We didn’t have one. We just wanted the photographers to catch us at our best–to showcase our personalities via the pictures. I think we succeeded.

Here are some of our raw, unprocessed pictures by 5th Door Productions:

A candid photo of Mac. Love this! He looks so gwapo! haha!

one of our favorite shots taken in Broadcast City