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M&H Supplier Ratings (Food: Caterer and Lechon)

May 12, 2010

Caterer:  Hizon’s (food, cake, emcee)

Peso power: Php 700++ per head with lots of freebies

Contact Details:
22 Renowned Lane Sanville
Project 6, Quezon City
925-0107, 925-0103

Hizon’s was the first supplier we booked. Mac and I agreed that we can scrimp on everything else but not the food. Although our first food tasting experience with Hizon’s wasn’t that great, they made an effort to make amends—and since my heart was set on getting them from the start, we booked them.

There were a lot of negative feedbacks about Hizon that time and most of those feedback stemmed from the quick turnover of their AEs. Madalas na biglaang nagre-resign yung mga AEs nila at hindi maayos yung nagiging turnover ng mga clients.  With this in mind, I made it a point that all our transactions with our AE were documented so just in case our AE would suddenly resign, we would be prepared.

Our AE did resign but since I was prepared for it, walang impact sa amin. I was turned over to our wedding planner, Drew Menor. I just love, love, LOVE Drew! He’s the best! He’s so easy to talk to—during our detailing, he would make suggestions about the set up and would be brutally frank if he thinks our ideas wouldn’t work. I put my trust in him and on the day of our wedding, NFP was transformed. Ang ganda ng set up nila! My mom was ecstatic—she saw NFP bare and was far from impressed so when she saw what Hizon’s did to the place, napaakap talaga sya kay Drew!

photo by 5th Door Productions

photo by 5th Door Productions

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booking our first supplier

September 29, 2008

There are many advantages to planning your wedding early. My wedding date is on April 17, 2010 pa but we started looking for suppliers last month. Mac and I wanted to book our major suppliers since they would probably be the ones who would put a major dent on our budget.  The major advantage of planning our wedding this early is being able to get 2008 prices for our 2010 wedding (and usually, by installment pa ang bayaran!). 🙂

Being the food lovers that we are, our first mission was to look for the perfect caterer.  Officemates at GMA referred Hizon’s and Josiah’s. I found Josiah too “celebrity-ish” for my taste since it boasted of so many “famous” clients.  I can’t really explain why but it was a turn off.

Mac and I were both disappointed with our first food tasting with Hizon’s and I ranted my disappointment at the w@w egroup and on my personal blog. A few days later, I received an apology and an invitation to an exclusive food tasting from Hizon’s general manager. It was the proverbial olive branch. More on this later.

Queensland catering was offered as a cheaper alternative but I wasn’t too thrilled with their reception set ups.  I also thought it might be difficult for us to get a venue where Queensland is accredited and we’d just end up paying a hefty corkage fee.

Robert Camba was next.  I emailed him for his rates and menu and in fairness, he replied promptly naman.  His rates were less expensive than Hizon’s and the packages included the venue.  First turn off: appetizer offered was assorted nuts. I also emailed him again to ask for a location map to Casa Camba for the food tasting but I guess he got a bit confused because he re-sent me his menu and package rates.  It was raining hard on the night we were scheduled to go there and without a map, we decided not to go na lang.  The assorted nuts weren’t worth it. 🙂

A friend of mine suggested Fr. Blanco’s Garden as a possible venue but she said it had an exclusive caterer (she forgot who it was).  Curious, I researched on the place and thought the garden was pretty. But their exclusive caterer turned out to be Makati Skyline. Let’s just sat that I’ve had bad experiences with this caterer and there was no way I’d consider them for my wedding.  Unfortunately, this meant crossing out the garden from my list of possible venues as well.

Our next caterer was Manila Catering. My mom and I went to their food tasting at the Manila Ocean Park.  We liked their food. Masarap.  The table set ups were nice as well. They were on the more expensive side though.

Back to Hizon’s. Our next food tasting was supposed to happen last Saturday but we were moved to Sunday instead.  Mac and I decided to bring reinforcements this time. I brought my parents while Mac invited his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. Bumawi talaga sila. We were all happy with the food they served and Stayce (our AE) was her usual perky and likeable self. My mom was completely bowled over specially after Stayce showed us samples of their set ups. Magaling talaga sila. Even Mac got excited in his own way–tahimik na lang siya which meant that he was generally happy with what’s going on. Iimik lang naman yun pag may napansin syang hindi nya nagustuhan.

So basically, we’re all set with getting Hizon’s as our caterer. Despite the fiasco of the first food tasting, we all think that they made up for it. And since may nangyari nang hindi maganda before, we’re pretty sure that there would be extra effort on their part not to f**k up on our big day. 🙂