Mac & Hazel

We’re lovers and we’re the best of friends.

Mac and I met became a couple in 2003. But before we fell in love, we were friends. Before we were officially together, we’ve seen each other at our worst: walang make-up, walang ligo, walang toothbrush. As in mga mukhang sanggano na parang pinakawalan ng basta-basta sa Emerald Avenue!  We didn’t really think we were good for each other at first. Mahilig ako sa matatangkad na yuppie looking; he’s into the morena-petite type. Tingnan mo nga naman…I’m getting married to a guy whose closet doesn’t have a single pair of slacks or anything that has a decent collar. Yuppie-looking indeed.

No regrets though. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. He complements me in every way and he tells me I keep him on track. Sa kanya lang ako lumalambot–he knows how to handle my moods. I love his generosity and his kindness. Ang swerte ko talaga.

Swerte din naman daw sya sa akin (syempre para hindi naman one-sided!). I am not the typical girlfriend. What he loves about me daw is the fact that I let him do his thing: I don’t tag along to his gimiks and he can go to wherever he wants with whomever–my only condition is that he just lets me know so I wouldn’t get worried. Minsan nga sabi nya sumosobra na daw at parang wala na akong pakialam! (hehe!)

I’m a busy girl with a lot of ambitions and I’m so happy to have a partner who supports me instead of holding me back. Buti na lang this guy wants to spend the rest of his life with me. 🙂



  1. Hi Hazel,

    I’m browsing the internet looking for some helpful tips about our wedding prep since me and my husband to be are both working abroad so I’m really into internet checking every possible information about wedding prep and then I came across your blog.

    I’m glad I came across your blog, you helped me a lot in my wedding prep. I got so much ideas from you. I mean working overseas and doing some wedding prep is kinda stressful plus the fact that were not there to check and see the place of the church, venue and check some other wedding suppliers etc. for ourselves. I hope you will continue to provide information in your blog…. and maybe we can chat sometime…my ym id is jhocym or you can send me emails at jhocym@yahoo.com.

  2. Hi Hazel! its me again, I need your help, sa North Forbes Pavillion ba need parin ng endorser? I’ve asked my relatives, friends, friend of friends, pro no luck, wlang my kakilala sa Forbes Park, can you introduce me to your friend pra maging endorser, I know I am asking too much, I am so desperate na talga. By the way, I’m glad I came across your blog and it was really a big help! Thank you in advance!


  3. @shobe: sorry dear but it’s my friend’s aunt who actully lives at Forbes. 😦 I suggest you contact your caterer na lang and ask them to help you. Usually naman may contacts na sila to help with the sponsorship of certain venues. Good luck!

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