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M&H Supplier Ratings (Lights & Sounds, Teddy Bears)

May 12, 2010

Lights and Sounds: JR Music Entertainment

Peso power: Php 8,000

Contact details: Jun Regalado (0917-8322183)

Mac was the one in charge for this particular supplier. He used to moonlight as an audio guy when he was younger so he knew a lot about sound equipment. Whenever I suggested a supplier to him, he would ask for their list of equipment and he always had something to say. Kesyo “masyadong mahal e pambahay lang naman yung equipment” or “bakit ganyan kadaming tao ipapadala nila? Hindi naman kailangan…” etcetera… finally, I gave up and told him to look for a lights and sounds supplier himself.

JR Music was suggested to him by a friend of his. According to Mac, the original package price was 15k but he haggled, crossed out several equipment that he felt we didn’t need until the price went down to 8k.

I loved the lighting they did for our venue. I would have loved a spotlight but Mac said he opted not to get one because mainit daw. E pawisin kaming dalawa hehehe…

As for the audio, we didn’t notice anything wrong during the wedding but my friends told me na namatay daw yung isang microphone nung isang singer nung band namin. Mac and I didn’t notice it because we were seated close to the band. Naayos din naman daw yung technical problem pero sayang lang daw kasi namatay pa yung mic during a duet.

Overall rating: 4. Technical problems are inevitable during an event. It’s the response to the problem that counts. Highly recommended supplier.

LCD Projector:  Wildfire Inc.

Peso power: FREE!!!

Mac and I used to be employed by this production house. This was where we met and some of our closest friends are still with this company.

As a wedding gift, the owner offered the use of one of their LCD projectors. Ang nakakatawa, nagkataon na may kasabay kaming event on the day of the wedding. Yung pinagamit nilang LCD sa amin, mas maganda kesa doon sa event nila. That’s how important we were to them. Sobrang linaw nung projector na kahit hindi patayin ang ilaw, kitang-kita pa rin yung video on screen.

Medyo na-late nga lang sila ng set up so my coordinator had to re-shuffle the program but no worries.

Overall rating: 5+++++ We felt like very important clients. Nakakataba ng puso. 🙂

photo by 5th Door Productions

Teddy Bears: Tita Dulce and Siendy Salazar

Peso Power: FREE!!!

I didn’t want my flower girl to carry flowers (as I mentioned earlier, I really felt that spending too much on flowers was a waste).  I got the teddy bears idea from a fellow w@wie. My best friend, who’s based in Singapore, knew how to sew and I asked her if she can help me make the dress for the flower girl’s teddy bear. She agreed.

Nagulat ako when I found out that instead of just one, she made two bears—a bride and groom. When I saw them, napatalon ako sa tuwa. Sobrang cute! Siendy made the bear’s bridal gown while Tita Dulce (my best friend’s mom), made the barong and pants and added beadwork to the teddy bear bride’s gown. Nilagyan pa nila ng veil and earrings!

Our flower girl looked so adorable during the march while she carried the bears. Love it!

Overall rating: 5+++++

photo by Raymond Fortun

photo by 5th Door Productions


to blue or not to blue…

November 8, 2009

Remember these beauties?

Still drooling.
I’m still toying around with the idea of wearing blue shoes for my wedding. It’ll be cool to have them as my “something blue”.

Here are more drool worthy blue shoes a bride can wear on her wedding day:


Jimmy Choo


Kate Spade

Pour La Victoire Erica

Pour La Victoire Erica

 And of course, Carrie’s shoes…


Manolo Blahnik

If blue shoes won’t be possible, these beauties will make a great alternative:

nina axelle

Nina Axelle



 My friends applaud me when they find out we’re still within our wedding budget. I tell them I haven’t gone shoe shopping yet.


a vintage wedding that never was…

November 8, 2009

If my fiance and I agreed to have a themed wedding,  I would have gone vintage. Something 1920’s or ala-Mad Men circa 50’s-60’s. I love the simple elegance of that time.

Check out these fabulous vintage dresses from Unique Vintage:

A sequined flapper dress perfect for a 1920s themed wedding

A nice simple dress fashioned for the 1950s

50's style white polka dot mesh Grace dress with polka dots

 How about this pretty 50’s inspired dress by Dana Bolton.

50s dress

channeling Audrey Hepburn

 And how about these fabulous finds from Etsy:

gorgeous 1940's beaded bag

A glass jewelry box that can double as an arrhae

Art Nouveau Jewelry or Trinket Box Stylized Floral Motif with wild roses - Made by Marshall Field and Company in 1913



something nice

November 8, 2009

I want this:

Something nice to tie my bridal bouquet with. Love it!

from Paloma’s Nest.


lovely things

April 2, 2009

I spent a couple of hours browsing through Etsy today and found a lot of stuff I like. I found this great clutch bag which could be be perfect for my bridesmaids. I know I couldn’t afford to buy bags for all of them but it’s the thought that counts. 🙂


It’s simple and quite elegant at the same time plus it has that pretty floral detail I just love so much.

I want this bag for myself:


I just love the design. It’s so modern vintage. It’s not really for my wedding…just for me. 🙂


The first time I saw the paloma’s nest ring bearer bowl was at Candy‘s wedding.  I didn’t realize until then that there were alternatives to pillows. This simple bowl is just perfect.


But if we do stick with the pillows, this one looks nice:



And she had flowers in her hair…

April 2, 2009

I just love floral details. Having a “summer” wedding in a tropical country is a great excuse to include flowers in our theme. I would love to have these hair pieces:



perfect for my "blue summer" wedding

not exactly floral but perfect for my "blue summer" wedding

I’d like to get similar headbands for my bridesmaids. Since their dresses are really simple, I think these floral headbands are the perfect accessories:




Aren’t they just lovely?

*All images grabbed from


Cake Toppers

April 2, 2009

Check out these great and unique cake toppers I found at Etsy: