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Cake Toppers

April 2, 2009

Check out these great and unique cake toppers I found at Etsy:


Another Bridal Fair Experience

February 15, 2009

I just got home from another bridal fair. I went with my mom (Mac’s busy with work) so I didn’t book anyone. I got a ton of ideas though. I also saw two people I know (one was a sister of a high school classmate, the other’s an office mate) who were preparing for their weddings as well.

I wasn’t really in the mood to go since my fiance wouldn’t be able to come with me. But it’s been a lazy weekend and I was itching to get out of the house. I tried to find out if there were any couturiers there and when I learned that Merlene Marcelo had a booth, I decided to go. I was planning to go to her shop one day soon anyway.

Since I’m looking for someone to design my wedding gown, I scouted out the couturiers first. For some reason, no one took my fancy. I’m looking for someone who can design something simple with minimal bead work but would still have that “wow” effect. The only one who came close was Merlene. Her gowns were really lovely but I really don’t know if she’s “the one”. It would have been perfect if I was the princess-y bride who wanted her gown with lace and shiny beads but I’m just not. My mom was actually getting frustrated with me since she couldn’t understand my obstinance with my “no beading” rule. What can I say? I am just not traditional. If most brides love embroidery and a lot of shining, glittering things on their gowns, I don’t.

The afternoon was not a complete waste though. I found this great supplier of sparkling fruit juices from France called Keror. It’s a great alternative to wine since not all of our guests drink alcohol. At only P130 a bottle, the price is super reasonable. I told the girl I talked to at their booth that I’ll buy a bottle after going around the fair but it completely slipped my mind! I remembered it when we were driving home na. Too bad. 😦

I also found this great wedding favor from Polka David:

Cute and practical at the same time. I was even tempted to buy a pair for my own personal use! Unfortunately, it’s way over our budget for the wedding favors. Good thing it doesn’t really match our theme so it wasn’t that hard to let it go.

I was also able to taste a sample of Judy Uson’s cakes. We weren’t looking for a cake supplier since it’s included in our package with Hizon’s, but I looked at the mini cakes as a possible gift for our principal sponsors. My mom and I were just bowled over by just how delicious her cake was. Good thing that the price of her mini cakes is within our budget. I just wish Mac was with me so we could have booked her then and there!

All in all, it was an eventful afternoon. Hopefully, my fiance would be able to go with me at the next bridal fair.


Cakes and Macintosh

November 25, 2008

Mac and I don’t have a definite theme for our wedding. We’re minimalists–we just want our wedding to be simple, fun and reflective of our personalities.

I was passing the time looking at pictures of wedding cakes when I stumbled on this “apple”-inspired mini-cake. I would love to have something like this on our wedding. Aside from being his namesake, my fiance and I are both macintosh users (Mac has a powerbook G4 and I have a dual-core macbook).


We’re planning to have a cupcake tower with a mini-cake for the cake-cutting during the reception instead of the usual fondue cake. I’d just change the black apple logo to gray and it would be just perfect for the mini-cake. I even found these designs for the cupcakes:


The brown color is a little unappetizing but I like the concept. 🙂 Maybe the cupcakes can be white and the designs gray. This would be great as wedding favors for the guests as well.

**We basically stopped with the concrete wedding plans because of Mac’s hectic work schedule. My fiance and I barely see each other–we haven’t had time for our ocular. Hopefully we can squeeze in an ocular schedule before the year ends.