M&H Supplier Ratings (Gifts, Souvenirs & OTD Coordinator)

May 12, 2010

Gift for PS and members of our Entourage:  Rachebeli Wines and Chocolates

Peso power: 3 dozen bottles @ Php 150 each with free chocolate bars

Contact details: Chelo (0922-8006153, 0922-9936736)

I found out about Rachebeli through w@w. We were on the look out for gifts for our principal sponsors and the personalized wines seemed interesting. Chelo met with me and my parents for the wine tasting. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I was a wine drinker myself and I was wary about how “mango wine” or “plum wine” would taste. I shouldn’t have worried because the wines were delicious. My parents loved it so much that they ordered two cases for Christmas.

Chelo was also a breeze to talk to. There was a problem with the seals for our wine–the seals they ordered from the US were being held by customs officials so they couldn’t finish my order. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t be able to deliver the wines on time but they pushed through. Chelo delivered them to our hotel in Makati the night before the wedding.

Our ninongs and ninangs loved the wine. The chocolates (which we gave to the members of our entourage) were a hit! Definitely one of our best suppliers. 🙂

Overall rating: 5+++

photo by Raymond Fortun -- sample wine for our PS

photo by Raymond Fortun -- personalized chocolate bars

Guest Souvenirs: Theobroma

Peso power: Php 33.00 per chocolate (bridal fair promo price)

Contact details:
Lucy (0922-8301203)

Mac and I wanted to give edible souvenirs for our guests. We stumbled on Theobroma’s booth during a bridal fair and decided to give them a try. I’m a chocolate addict and I have to say na sobrang nasarapan ako doon sa sample na pinatikim nila sa akin. Aside from the taste, their packaging was really tasteful and the promo price was a steal.

All later transactions were made via text messages with Lucy. They delivered the chocolates to Mac’s house two days before the wedding. We were afraid that the chocolates would melt because of the heat but we were just instructed to keep them out of direct sunlight and not to put them in the refrigerator.

Our guests loved the chocolates! Yung iba nga daw hindi na umabot sa bahay at kinain na nila during the reception. Highly recommended for couples who want to give away edible souvenirs. Hassle free and delicious!

Overall rating: 5+++

photo grabbed from Theobroma's facebook page

a young guest enjoying our chocolate giveaway (photo by 5th Door Productions)

Photobooth: Shutterbox

Peso power: Php 9,500 for 4 hours with free 20 Save The Date magnets

Contact details:
Vida (0917-8936464)

My best friend (who’s also my MOH) and her twin sister shouldered the cost of the photobooth as their wedding gift for us. Since they’re based in Singapore, they just asked us to canvas and book for a photobooth supplier.

Vida is a friend of a friend. We compared the quality of her photobooth’s prints to other suppliers and figured that hers is the best at the price she was offering. With the free STD magnets, it was quite a steal.

The photobooth was a hit with our friends. Yung iba paulit-ulit talaga nagpakuha ng pictures. Sayang lang because some of our relatives from the provinces didn’t understand what it was for. Parang kahit sinasabi na nung emcee and nung coordinator namin na may photobooth, parang nahihiya yung iba. It was a good thing that we had another set of souvenirs to give away.

Super bait din ng mga taga-Shutterbox. They were actually packing up na when one of our guests asked if they can set up again so they can take a picture with us (kasi naman sa kakaikot namin ni Mac sa mga guests halos di rin  kami nakapagpakuha sa photobooth). They set up their equipment again without complaint and gamely took more pictures. Ang tagal pa naming nagkipagkwentuhan sa kanila while waiting for them to burn the pictures in a cd.

For those who also got a photobooth, better ask a relative or a friend to explain to your guests what it’s for.

Overall rating: 5. Highly recommended for the quality of prints and great customer service.

OTD Coordinator: M Events

Peso power: Php 7,500 (promo price for w@wies)

Contact details:
Manel (0917-5712985)

From the start, I wanted a former w@wie to be our coordinator. I admit, may bias ako kasi naman, iba talaga mag-plan ng wedding ang mga w@wies. J I met with several former w@wies turned coordinators but among them, si Manel ang pinaka-kasundo ko. It also happened that during that time, she was offering a great promo discount for w@wies.

Manel was always early for our meetings. She never failed to remind me of my appointments or to follow up on my progress. She was also very helpful with her suggestions and whenever I get stressed over the planning, she always calms me down.

On the day of my wedding, when I realized that Reggie was not going to show na talaga, I placed a frantic call to Manel. She was on her way to the hotel that time but I asked her to find me a fitting form (kailangan talaga mailagay sa fitting form yung gown ko para ma-plantsa yung train). She told me not to worry and that she’ll take care of it.

Late na sya nakarating sa hotel but she was able to find a fitting form. It was a good thing that our meetings were extensive so I didn’t really need to turn over anything to her when she arrived. Humiram agad sya ng iron from the hotel, ordered food, organized the stuff that they needed to bring to the church and reception. My mom was all praises for her—she kept saying that Manel was like a superwoman.

During the reception, she calmly took care of everything. All our instructions were followed to the letter. After the event, she turned over all our stuff to my mom and the money I gave her was properly liquidated to the last centavo.

She and her team were like angels that day. My family and I are extremely thankful for the service they gave us on our wedding day. I honestly don’t know what would have happened to our wedding if not for her.

Overall rating: 5+++++++++++ Super duper highly recommended!

Manel at work. (photo by 5th Door Productions)



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  2. hi dear! thanks to you and Mac for trusting me and my team during your wedding day. We really enjoyed working with the both of you and with your families and friends as well. Congratulations again!

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